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The #BeOriginal concept started when friends  challenged me to to be more original in my tweets.  You can see the original post about it here.  Over the last 18 months, I tagged some  of my personal  sayings with #BeOriginal.  Over time, more friends joined in the fun and sharing of ideas.  #BeOriginals have been shared from people on 5 continents and in multiple languages.  Across the Twitterverse, close to  16,000 #BeOriginals have been posted. Personally, I have shared hundreds since that day.   These are some of my personal favorites that appeared on @joankw, @JKWgrowth, @JKWinnovation, @JKWleadership, or @CorePurpose.

Since I got to share the first  #BeOriginals, I left mine for last.  In all there are 22 different highlight lists, all found in the “Thought Leaders” category.  Each one has it’s own style and personality with wonderful quotes from wonderful people.  I am sure I missed some of you favorites or left someone out.  Feel free to remind me by leaving them in the comments.  People from around the world post their original ideas and tag them for others.  It’s easy to do – to learn more – see the #BeOriginal FAQ and join in the fun.

To everyone who shared and continues to share ideas on #BeOriginal – THANK YOU.  Together we have all created a great foundation to build on.  After all, Great Ideas Never Go Out of Style!



On Life and Attitude

Anyone can start a business, but it takes that wonderful combination of talent and persistence to actually make it work.

You will always get another chance, if you open your eyes to opportunities.

Make ‘YOU Time’ a priority. Turn off the cell phone, make yourself comfortable and focus on what you need to get done.

We should never forget that our freedom is not just a right; it is a privilege to be honored and acted on.

Every conversation you have or idea you share plants a seed of opportunity. So, go spread some around.

If you are pursuing your passion, you’ll never be bored.

You may be on an uphill journey -  but once you get to the top, the view is incredible.

On Growth

To grow a solid business you need a solid foundation. If the foundation is shaky, so is the business.

The better you know you, the better YOU you’ll be.

Great ideas are like seeds, they only sprout and grow when the conditions are right. It’s up to you to provide the conditions.

Before you head out on a Grand Journey, it always helps to KNOW where you are going.

If you don’t take time to personally refuel, you run the risk of running out of gas in the middle of the fast lane.

When you share your dreams, you are one step closer to achieving them.

We may feel gratitude or appreciation, but no one knows it until we express it through recognition.

Have you ever wondered why we say someone "works like a dog?" All my dog does is eat, sleep and – well you know…

In life and in business, if you want to grow tall…reach for the sky.

In business and life we can learn from the gardeners: Sometimes to encourage growth you need to cut back.

When things are going right, it gives you a chance to pick up momentum so you can fly over the occasional bump in the road.

If you can’t find a way to run a profitable business, the business won’t be around to help others profit.

On Innovation and Change

Innovation is doing something in a new way to make life better for the people who matter.

If you cannot demonstrate how your idea makes life better for others, it will never make it past the idea stage.

The truths we’ve forgotten or ignored are often the answers we are looking for.

At times, a creative solution is the greatest gift you can give.

In order to lead change, you must be willing and able to embrace uncertainty. Are you ready?

If you march to the beat of a different drummer you are still following someone else. Don’t be afraid to beat your own drum.

When people embrace the change you have created, you are on the path to true innovation.

Making a difference does not have to be a BIG thing. Lots of little things, time after time, can have a BIG impact.

Instead of ranting about a problem, put your energy into solving it.

In brainstorming sessions, encourage EVERY member to participate then step back and watch the magic happen.

Brainstorming sessions are great BUT unless you can act on the ideas and DO something with them they have no more impact than a passing cloudburst.

When you set out to solve an old problem, you create new opportunities.

Innovations start with and idea grows thru action.

On Leadership

If you want your people to lead be sure to give them a great role model to follow.

True leadership does not come out of a book. It is found inside YOU.

When we communicate with clarity, we drive action.

If you want to be seen as a leader, behave like someone you would follow.

The leadership path has many twist and turns. If you never step onto the path, you’ll never reach your destination.

Honesty with others is a key to success; but, the most important person to be honest with is you.

Great leaders know where they have been, where they are, and where they are going.

If someone repeats your words, be honored. It shows that they are listening to you.

If you want your team engaged, keep your sense of humor.

Food for thought – As a leader, do your people trust you enough to give you ALL the facts or just the one you want to hear?

In business and in life, it’s hard to be a leader if no one is following you.

Say what you mean and do what you say. When you do, no apology is necessary.

If we, as leaders, put our teammates in a position to succeed, they’ll trust us and the plan.

If you cannot effectively communicate, it is impossible to effectively lead.

It is one thing to speak as a leader; but, it is more important to act as one.

A flash of annoyance is human, dealing with appropriately is leadership.

When you lead with integrity and honesty – people follow. When you do not, you will eventually walk alone.

As leaders, the truth is not always easy to share – but who said leadership was supposed to be easy?

Before you can lead others, you need to understand what YOU stand for.



Note:  The thoughts, ideas, and words shared here are the creation of Joan Koerber-Walker and are subject to copyright.


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